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Term Definition
Anchor bolt
American Concrete Institute
Bar Support
A plastic, metal chair or concrete block (dobie) to hold WWR and Rebar off the ground during concrete placement.
Concrete Masonry Unit-Block, as used in block wall construction
Construction Joint
Also known as cold joint, where 2 separate concrete pours come together, usually with a key way or with dowels.
Control Joint
A saw cut to attempt to control where concrete cracking occurs
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
Concrete block bar support--precast concrete block with or without wire ties, used to support bars above ground for concrete placement
A rod, either smooth or deformed rebar, used to connect 2 separately cast concrete sections.
each way
Crew (contractor) who is responsible for the erection (putting together the components) of the metal building
Endwall, usually the short side with the peak.
Expansion Joint
A separation between two sections of concrete which is provided to allow for free movement due to temperature changes. The sections are usually divided by PMJ or Expansion Filler.
Engineering term describing the strength of concrete
FDR-Foundation Design Request
Salsa Steel Corp. Foundation Design Order Form. Work cannot begin until this signed form is received along with all other documentation that is required.
Floating Slab
A slab that is poured directly on over grade or sub-base between a perimeter stem wall that is separated with PMJ.
Part of the foundation that rests upon the earth that supports the structure.
A fine grained concrete which contains no coarse aggregate.
Bent rebar in the shape of a hairpin to resist the horizontal load of the rigid frame in the slab.
Haunch Connection
Where the (metal building) rafter and column connect.
NO NOT THAT! A hand tool used in bending rebar.
International Building Code as written by the International Code Council (ICC)
Key or Keyway
Slotted joint in concrete - such as a tongue and groove joint
Lap Splice
The overlapping of two reinforcing bars or two sheets of welded wire reinforcement by lapping them side by side. Also, the length of overlap of two bars.
A grid of reinforcing bars.
Metal Building Manufacturer's Association
Metal Building Software-Software used to design metal building systems.
Also Known As WWR - Welded Wire Reinforcement
Mesh Fiber
Steel or Nylon hairlike fibers that are mixed into the concrete to provide temperature reinforcement
Single concrete pour construction
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