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Written by Scott Thomson   
Saturday, 15 November 2008 19:39

Anchor Bolt Plan vs. Engineered Foundation Plan


When purchasing a metal building system there seems to be confusion as to whether or not a foundation plan is included with the building purchase.  Many times the anchor bolt plan is sold as, or explained as, a "foundation plan." An "anchor bolt plan" is not a "foundation plan".  The "anchor bolt layout plan" shows the location of each anchor bolt on the slab, framed opening locations, reactions and calls out the diameter of each bolt.  Thats it, nothing more.  This is the information we use as a basis for our foundation design.

It is all too often we get phone calls from upset and dissappointed customers because they went to get a permit only to find out they need an "Engineered Foundation Plan". An "Engineered Foundation Plan" shows footing size, footing reinforcement, anchor bolt length, perimeter footing size and reinforcement, slab thickness and reinforcement and sub-base. The plan also shows the horizontal force resisting system.  This is a key element to the plan and will be checked by all plan checkers.  The plan is then stamped by a registered design professional for the state or province that the project is located in.

It has been industry standard up until recent years not to include an "engineered foundation plan" with your building.  In fact, the MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer's Association) has adopted Standard's Of Practice that state "the end user is responsible for the foundation plan." The smaller more regional manufacturer's have started to offer "Engineered Foundation Plans" as a value added service to their customers, but not all.

So buyer beware, get it in writing.

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